Friday, July 16, 2010

Cherry Pie Day

This is one fabulous pie.    In the most simplistic and yummiest way possible.   And since we've all been soooo good this week, I think we definitely deserve a little dessert heading into the weekend.

I have to confess this is only my second attempt at a pie in my entire life.    The first attempt, a well intentioned blueberry pie with cornmeal crust, just recently actually, didn't quite live up to expectation.   It tasted really really good but looked horrid.  I massacred the crust.  Wow.   It was not attractive.  I like things to look pretty.  

I also like a good challenge.    I figure I should learn how to make a pie so that when I'm old and grey and my future children talk about how wonderful their mother was they can say things like "Remember that fabulous pie we used to have?" and other similar glowing comments.  

I've been combing through recipes on blogs like crazy and was so super thrilled when I saw one that seemed so easy that it would be perfect for my next try.    And it was a cherry pie too.   And I had cherries already in my possession waiting for me to do something with them.    Yesterday was therefore deemed cherry pie day.  

PS - I love my life.   Cherry Pie Day.   A year ago, the thought would have never crossed my mind.

Back to the recipe.   I found it on a wonderfully entertaining and lovely blog, Zoom Yummy by Petra.

Check out the recipe here.

Look at that ingredient list!   Short and sweet.    And who doesn't love cherries?

The crust was incredibly simple to make.   I was momentarily horrified by the massive amount of butter I threw into my little machine, but once it started blending and the butter turned into a lovely pile of dough, I forgot all about it.   If you don't see it, it must not exist.   Sometimes that is a good philosophy.

Once I blended it all up and rolled it into a nice little circle, I threw it into the fridge to 'chill'.   Took all of maybe five minutes to bring it together.  

With the dough relaxing, it was on to the cherries.    I seriously need to invest in a cherry pitter.   I didn't think hand pitting three cups of cherries would be all that bad.    It was definitely do-able, but just really messy and time consuming.   My kitchen looked a tiny bit like a crime scene with me as the guilty party. It was kind of a soothing task, mindless chopping away, but just plain messy.  

After chopping up all the cherries, it was on to making the filling.   Unbelievably simple.  I had no idea it would be this easy.   Cook the cherries in water, throw in some cornstarch and sugar, and mix until properly thickened.    Gorgeous color and fun to sample as it reached the appropriate state.   That's it.  Filling done.

Dough is ready for me now.   This is the part I was most terrified of.   Last time I tried this, I started rolling out the dough and it just kept tearing apart.   Then once I thought I might have a sheet, I attempted to add it to the pie plate where it completely disintegrated.   It had some sort of meltdown and forgot to act like dough.  This was so disheartening.  

This time around I approached it with a little more patience.   Carefully rolling out the dough, using flour when appropriate and my favorite tip of all, curling up over the rolling pin and laying gently into the plate.   No casualties.   At this point, I was feeling pretty impressed with myself.

The recipe has some awesome instructions on how to make a lattice crust.    I wasn't sure I would attempt it when I started, but my confidence told me I could do it.     I tried to photograph the steps along the way, but really, you should just look at the one's in the original recipe.    They are perfect.   It was fun, and seriously easy too!   I was so happy with how it turned out.  

My fiance came home and looked at it and said, "Now that is a pie".  Yay!

The recipe called for 45 minutes in the oven, but for some reason, mine didn't cooperate.   I left it in another half hour or so until the top started to brown and all of the yummy cherry juice started to bubble up through the lattice.

Isn't it beautiful?

And it tasted even better.   Not too sweet at all.   Perfect cherry.   Good flaky crust.     You simply must try this recipe.  

And since the pie was so good to me, I figured it deserved a little ice cream as a reward.   Not just any ice cream, but the creamiest, sweetest tahitian vanilla bean gelato.   A perfect match.  


Next week I'll be taking you back on my European adventure with me.   I have been procrastinating telling you the rest of my story, but I think I am ready now!

Happy Pie-Day!   Wishing you all a wonderful happy summer weekend ahead!


  1. Wow- that looks AMAZING!!! Cherry pie is my favorite, but I've never made one. The only homemade pie I've ever made is an apple streusel type. I'd love to be brave enough to try a cherry pie! Yours is beautiful.

  2. Well that is also my motto on butter and baking! This pie is so pretty and looks just perfect...wish I was eating a slice right now.

  3. I love your blog, and am looking forward to hearing about Europe. I know what you mean about making pie crust - and if you over handle it the crust is tough. Pie crust is one of the hardest things to make, but your beautiful pictures make me want to try it myself again!

  4. That looks sooooo good! I've never made a cherry pie and really suck at making crust. Yours looks so wonderful.


  5. it looks beautiful! cherry pies is definitely my favorite - and the only pie i've ever successfully made. i may be a crap cook, but i can make a pie (yaaay!). not at all like the semi-disaster i made of the carbonara....

  6. You did an amazing job on this pie. I love how you took your time with it. Your patience was definitely rewarded. Lovely, lovely pie.

  7. Oh, how wonderful! Your pie looks just divine! And thanks for mentioning me in such a sweet really made my day! Have a wonderful weekend. :) Petra

  8. So impressed!!!

    The pie looks amazing, i really can't believe its only the second one that you've made

  9. oh wow. that looks amazing. by far my favorite type of pie. my one and only attempt ended in failure. i love that you even did a real lattice! :D have a great weekend.

  10. That is the BEST looking cherry pie I have ever seen! Wow!

  11. Thank you all for the super 'sweet' comments! I really don't know why crust is that challenging... but it does seem to require that special touch!

    Kelli - uh oh, I'm so sorry to hear about the carbonara! Sounds like there may be a funny story lurking there... :)

    Petra - You are the best :) Thanks so much for the inspiration and recipe. I've had so much fun perusing your blog!

    Wishing you all a great rest of weekend! And PS - don't let pie disasters get you down. I'm so happy I tried a second time! Worth it!

  12. :P the short version is...i seriously underestimated the amount of grease the pancetta would produce, and the slowness with which i *should* have added the wine...

    still ate it, though. minus the burning flavor, i think it's a pretty durn good recipe!

  13. Kelli - Yup, too funny.... I love your descriptions. I could totally see myself doing that!!! Glad it (sort of) worked out! It's why I love trying new recipes... I learn best by messing stuff up!


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